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“My teachers were extremely impressed by the professionalism of your staff. The children were engaged and your staff had a good understanding of the attention span of four and five year old children. The teachers have already asked me to please book you again for next summer. You'll be hearing from me!”  -Sharon Gyllensten, Madison Learning Center, CT


Our Storytime Art classes entertain and engage our youngest artists. Expert storytelling instructors involve children in reading an enchanting story, then guide them through an original art project that ties into the theme of the story. We offer more than 30 different Storytime Art themes, such as alphabet, friendship, butterflies, rainforest, monsters, planting a garden and so many more.


Our Storytime Art classes offer one-of-a-kind literary adventures for kids. They introduce kids to the joys of reading while encouraging them to unleash their creativity. Most importantly, children simply get to delight in the fun of their own imaginations. 

Storytime Art Classes....

  • Set your center or school or library apart by providing many unique art activities that most centers cannot 
  • Promote the value of art. Many parents appreciate art and want their children to experience it at a young age
  • Provide happy memories and masterpieces to take home 
  • Offer a fresh face. Instructors from the outside with unique and stimulating curriculum inspires interest
  • Are no hassle for the school or center.  We bring the classes to your location, provide everything and leave your facility exactly the way we found it, but with a whole lot of artful masterpieces proudly on display!
  • Are affordable and we have special rates for classes held on weekday mornings during the school year and for those who book us for multiple events


 “Recently, we had Art-ventures for Kids come to our school to do one workshop with our Pre K, 3 year old class and one workshop with our Pre K 4 year old class.  I must say, I was surprised at how long the children sat and attended to the task at hand. The children were so proud to show their parents what they had done.  That speaks volumes.  We would love to have another program in the future.” -Mary Churchill St. Mary Preschool in Bethel, CT. 


                                                                                     Storytime Art Project Choices



Adorable African Animal Masks

Engage in this hilarious retelling of an African legend, Who’s in Rabbit’s House? When Rabbit discovers a monster in his house, he calls upon his largest, most fierce friends to scare away the intruder. The illustrations of this book depict the legend in the form of a play being performed by masked actors and are inspirational for all. After the story, children decorate their own adorable animal masks to wear. Perhaps they can put on a play of their own!


Ahoy Matey: A Pirate Adventure

This exciting art-venture is perfect for both boys and girls! Enjoy an animated storytelling of The Pirate Cruncher, a hilarious tale about a pirate ship whose treasure hunt is interrupted by a terrifying ocean creature. Then paint and decorate a wooden rowboat with oars and prepare to set sail on your own high seas voyage. But be sure to steer clear of sea monsters!


Awesome Airplane Party
Enjoy the amusing tale, Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane, in which Mr. Putter is an old man who loves toys and Tabby is a young cat who does not! So when Mr. Putter brings home a flying toy plane, he and Tabby are in for quite an adventure. Then set out on your own adventure to assemble, paint and decorate a wooden toy plane that really flies!


Beautiful Bird Houses

A perfect art project for young birdwatchers. Enjoy The Best Nest, a timeless classic about a pair of birds who set out on a quest to a find a new home. After the story, children will paint wooden bird houses with brightly colored paints and decorate them with an assortment of gems, and feathers!


Cool Caterpillars and Beautiful Butterflies

Enjoy Eric Carle’s classic story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then create a magnificent tissue paper butterfly that looks like stained glass.


Crazy Car Art
During Houston's annual Art Car Parade, a caravan of cars decked out in wacky ways tour the streets of the city. On this imaginative and fun StoryArt-venture, children get a laugh out of the story, The Wheels on the Race Car, then they create their own crazy-looking vehicles using a variety of fun and wicked kooky decorations. Put on your own Art Car Parade!


Creative Keepsake Boxes

Follow along with Todd as he walks down the street collecting a variety of interesting items the story, Todd’s Box. Then paint and decorate a wooden keepsake box to store all your most special possessions!


Creepy Crawly Bug Boxes

Immersed in the lovely verse and brilliant oil paintings of David Kirk’s beloved story, Little Miss Spider, children decoupage colorful paper mache boxes. Then, like Little Miss Spider, who sets out to search for her mother, the children set out on a bug hunt, searching for rubber insects hidden through out the room. Finders keepers!


Dazzling Rainbow Garden

Enjoy the inspiring story and bold collage illustrations of Planting a Rainbow, a book about the yearly cycle of planting, growing, and picking flowers in a brightly colored garden. Then paint a rainbow of colors on a paper mache flower pot and decorate with sequins and gems. 


Dino Dig

Hear the story of How the Dinosaurs Came Back.  Decorate construction hats to wear while digging for fossils, then paint wooden dinosaur toys.


Fluffy Goop Collage 

Laugh out loud at the hilarious story and lively illustrations of Too Much Gluea book about a boy who loves playing with glue--and making a giant mess! Then create your own messy masterpiece by mixing glue with a secret special ingredient. Decorate your fluffy goop with colorful buttons, feathers, glitter, and more!


Frosting and Sprinkles
Paint and decorate a ceramic cupcake bank with lots of yummy colors. Art explorers can use their banks to save up for books. (And maybe for cupcakes!)

Choose a story:

  • Pinkalicious
  • Camilla, the Cupcake Fairy


Loony Letter Art-Ventures
Engage in the wonderfully musical and beloved story of Chica Chicka, Boom Boom. Then design an absolutely awesome collage on a large cardboard letter (we suggest using each child’s first initial). Add buttons and bling, ribbons and bows, and other sparkling things. Or use camouflage paints and add rubber bugs, lizards, and snakes! Perfect to hang on your bedroom door.


Me and My Monster

Enjoy the absolutely adorable story My Monster Mama Loves Me So, then create your own little monster. Choosing from our huge supply of materials and decorations (tubes, clay, wiggly eyes, yarns, gems, buttons, pipe cleaners, fabrics and lots of bling), art explorers build kooky creative creatures... the ideas are limited only by the imagination! Ages 5 and up


Monster Mask Madness
Maurice Sendak’s beloved story, Where the Wild Things Are, is sure to inspire young art explorers. Everyone sculpts a monster face out of colorful clay. Add horns, fangs, extra eyes, whatever you want—the wilder the better! Ages 4 and up


Oink Oink! Piggy Art-Ventures
Always a favorite! Paint and decorate a ceramic piggy bank with bold colors and patterns.

Choose a story:

  • Olivia (a book about a mischievous pig)
  • Piggie Pie (really funny!)


Playful Puppet Pals

Enjoy a theatrical retelling of the African folktale, Who's in Rabbit's House? The illustrations of this book depict the legend in the form of a play being performed by actors dressed up as animals. Then color and decorate a fabric animal hand puppet, and put on a puppet show with your friends!


Shimmery Fishies
Children will be enamored by glittering foil-stamped illustrations in Marcus Pfister’s beloved best-seller, The Rainbow Fish, or the exceptional array of sea creatures in A Swim Through the Sea. Then everyone will paint and decorate a ceramic fish bank. What will you use it for? To save for books, of course!


Tea Time for Tots
Enjoy the hilarious tale of Tea Rex, about the high jinks that ensue when a dinosaur attends a tea party. Then create a colorful clay teacup or mug using the coil and/or pinch pot techniques. Ages 5 and up


Teddy Bear Art Blast
Teddy Bear Picnic Party offers two great stories and two super fun projects to choose from. Take your pick! Either way, children will have a blast creating these unique reminders of a wonderful day!

Choose a story:

  • Corduroy
  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Choose a project:

  • Color and decorate an 8” canvas stuffed teddy bear
  • Paint and decorate a ceramic teddy bear bank


The Princess and The Pea

Engage in a new spin on the classic tale of The Princess and The Pea, with uniquely conversational narration and brilliant photographs of paper dolls who act out the scenes against the backdrop of a real dollhouse! Then, with a wide array of fabrics, including many different colors, patterns, and textures, children create fantastic collages recreating the iconic image of the princess atop her 12 mattresses. Ages 5 and up


Totally Terrific Totem Poles

Children will be enchanted as the carved wooden animals of Totem Tale spring to life to argue over who should sit where in the totem pole order. Then children grab their paint brushes and their creativity to bring their own beautiful totem poles to life!


Treasure Beyond Measure: A Pirate Adventure

“X” marks the spot in this exciting art adventure, perfect for both boys and girls!  After enjoying Noelle's Treasure Tale or How I Became A Pirate, amusing stories about friendship and buried treasure, children transform into pirates themselves and set out on search for hidden gold. They design their own treasure chests, encrusted with brightly colored gems and pearls, to store all the gold they uncover.


Under the Sea Art-ventures

Go for a swim in the sea of imagination while coloring and decorating your very own stuffed animal sea creatures. 

Choose a story:

  • Emma's Turtle
  • Does Anyone Know Where a Hermit Crab Goes?
  • How to Hide an Octopus


Woof Woof! Art-ventures
Color and decorate your very own stuffed dog, along with a collar and leash. Everyone will take home lasting memories of a bow WOW art-venture!

Choose a story:

  • Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Spice
  • Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
  • Koa Grows Up
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