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Claying Around

Always new, always unique, art‐ventures using different kinds of clay. Art explorers discover the wonders of clay while creating their very own works of art. Discoveries may include color mixing, pastel colors, shapes and under the sea life while “painting” ocean scenes with modeling magic clay. Ages 5‐12 and older


Come Clay with Me

Explore color mixing and the coil technique while creating colorful cupcake sculptures inspired by the famous American artist, Wayne Thiebaud. Learn more about his cake art while discovering color saturated oil pastels. You’ll have a craving for cupcakes after this funshop! Ages 5‐12


My Clay Animal Me

Creating with clay! According to pre‐Columbian legend, each person shares a common destiny with an animal that matches his or her personality. The animal is called the person’s “Tona”. (Think bird for someone who likes to sing or cheetah for someone who is a fast runner.) During this Mexican Folk Art workshop art explorers create awesome Mexican “Tona” animal characters out of clay then paint and decorate them. Ages 5‐12


Musical Maracas

Maracas are musical instruments native to Latin America, used to provide rhythm, especially with a Latin beat. Traditional maracas were made of gourds with dried seeds inside. During this musical artshop paint and decorate wooden maracas, then wooden beads to make a fun Latin American neck piece. Ages 5‐12


Terrific Teepees

Teepee is a North American Indian name for a cone shaped tent made from animal skins and wooden poles. The Plains Indians lived in them. They painted and decorated them to depict personal experiences such as war or hunting. During this North American visit learn about life on the Plains and create terrific teepees using oil pastels and fun decorations, like feathers and beads. Ages 6‐12


Whimsical Windsocks

Windsocks have their origins in China and Japan where they were made of paper or silk. During this Japanese inspired art-venture, design and decorate fabric windsocks with colorful fabric paints, markers, stencils and bling. If time, learn some Japanese alphabet characters and make a shining work of art. Ages 5‐12 




Art‐ventures with Fluffy Goop

We don’t want to give away the ingredients but think about the ultimate in 3‐D collage making. Paint, fluff, buttons, glitter, sequins, bugs and a huge variety of decorations. (Boys have fun too.) As a bonus, try your hand at scratch art inspired by the artist, Joan Miro. All ages


Art-ventures with Loony Lizard 

Experience color mixing and marbling while creating loony lizards with the ever-popular Model Magic. Then learn some surprising and fun facts about lizards while building playgrounds for them using wicked cool Magic Nuudles. Magical and imaginative!  

Ages 6‐12


Flower Power/Lollipop Art T‐shirts

Another really WOW fabric design art‐venture. Using sharpie markers and a surprise ingredient create the most colorful T‐shirts ever. You will definitely wear these shirts! Then on to having fun with optical art. Ages 5-12 and older


Magic Circus Elephant

Kids actually yell “Wow”!!! A great lesson on drawing animals and learning color effects that are priceless. Ages 5‐12


Magical Birds and Trees

Sculpt and paint clay reliefs of birds to hang in your rooms using the ever‐popular Model Magic clay. Then create a painting using watercolor pencils. A painting using pencils? Ages 5‐12


Piggy Party

Color and decorate art‐rageous ceramic piggy banks. Then learn the really fun blow technique of painting. Awesome! All ages 


Sock n' Sole

Sock and Sole with Art-ventures for Kids. Using vibrant fabric markers create “tie dye” socks and make some sneaker “sole” pendants out of clay. Wicked cool and totally fun! 


Swirling Twirling Tamborines

Amazing what a little goo and glue will do! Learn the art of marbleized painting while designing tambourines. Practice marbleized painting using shaving cream too!




Canvas Creatures Rule the Rainforest

Did you know that rainforests are home to 50% of the world's animals? Learn about some of these fascinating creatures while creating colorful animal portraits on canvas using a unique transfer technique. Ages 5-12


Jazzy Jungle Cats

Create a bit of mystery while hiding whimsical lions amongst overlapping jungle leaves. Each cat quickly takes on a personality of its own (cats wearing socks with different colored toes or cats with big smiles.) Ages 6‐12


Rainsticks for a Rain Dance

Create these cool‐sounding instruments which originated centuries ago in Chile. South American tribesmen would harvest dead branches from cactus plants, fill them with small pebbles and cap the ends. They would ask the gods to send rain by tilting the branch, causing the trickle sound of falling rain. Ages 6‐12


Rainforest Tribal Ceremony Masks

Using clay, feathers, gems, sequins, beads and paints, create expressive tribal masks while learning about the symbols used for rainforest tribal ceremonies. Ages 5‐12


Rainforest Turtles

Learn some fun facts about turtles that live in the rainforest while painting and decorating ceramic turtle banks. Then using colorful oil pastels create beautiful rainforest flowers. Ages 5‐12


The Red Eyed Tree Frog

Sculpt red‐eyed tree frogs onto light switch covers for your rooms using the ever‐popular model magic clay. An everlasting memory of a rainforest art‐venture. Ages 6‐12 and older


Tigers and Parrots

Create beautiful jungle tiger faux stained glass. Then learn how to draw colorful and whimsical parrots. Ages 5‐12


Whimsical Rainforest Snakes

Create colorful and amazing rainforest snakes inspired by the ancient art of Repousse, a metalworking technique. Soft metal is shaped by hammering from the reverse side then decorated with bright permanent inks. These beautiful pieces are awesome to hang on your walls. Ages 6‐12




Architect Artist's Castle Creations

Castle building designers experience the art of building and design in this fun and creative workshop. Decorate a hard hat then move on to creating a recycled structure (building, bridge or castle with towers and turrets!) Ages 5‐12


Art Car Parade

Houston hosts an Art Car Parade every year. People compete by designing and decorating the most art‐rageous cars. Create artsy cars and have your own parade!


Bubble Wrap T‐shirts

What amazing designs and patterns can result from printing with plain old bubble wrap! Instead of throwing it away artists use it and fabric paint to print their very own T‐shirts. Super fun and imaginative. Ages 5‐12 and olders using feathers, buttons, beads, wiggle eyes and other wicked cool and unusual decorations and enter the parade! The results are astonishing! Ages 5‐12


Canvas Tote Creations

Fabric designing at its best. Design your own wicked cool canvas tote to use over and over. Use fabric inks, markers and decorations to create  one‐of‐a‐kind totes.  Ages 5‐12 and older


Cardboard Letter Collage

Color a large cardboard letter with bright patterns and designs. Than add cool decorations like gems, feathers, buttons, sequins, and more! 


Exploding Color T-shirts

Another "like tie-dye" art experience.  Artists have more control than traditional tie-dyeing, can design with more detail, and can create with many more colors. Doodles and designs diffuse into explosions of color on totally cool t-shirts. Magical! Ages 5-12 and older


Fireworks T‐shirts

After warming up with a tie dye art activity, create an explosion of color, looking like fireworks, using some very unique and surprising materials. It’s like MAGIC! These T‐shirts won’t be pushed to the back of the drawer. Ages 5-12 and older


Keep Secrets Book Box

Create something truly unique and useful using recycled materials. Rather than traditional pages, the interior of these “books” can hold secret treasures or photos collected by the creator. Explore the anatomy of a book while learning about design elements and styles. Very cool project.  Ages 6‐12 and older


Magical Masks

During this fun mask‐making workshop, be transformed! Learn the art of decoupage while creating animal masks using animal skin papers and other kooky materials. Then let’s have a carnival party by painting and decorating full face masks with sequins, feathers, glitter, gems and more. Ages 5‐12


Marvelous Mosaic Picture Frames

The art of mosaics dates back hundreds of years. Learn a bit about this ancient art while decorating with mosaic tiles. It is easy and fun. Simply color wooden picture frames and glue on colorful tiles and bits and gems. Beautiful frames will be created. Ages 5‐12 and older


Slippery Squirmy Sea Jellies

While using some very weird materials and textures, have a total extreme blast creating jellyfish or “sea jellies” sculptures and octopus and seahorse collages to hang in your rooms.


Teddy Bear Picnic

Have a beary, merry time painting and decorating  special ceramic teddy bear banks (awesome for saving for books!) Then learn how to draw ferocious bears. Also, LOL while discussing fun facts about bears!


Totally Cool Tie Dyed Back Packs

Tie-dyeing is a blast! Everybody loves to tie up their own unique creations. Learn about diffusion by creating random and interesting tie‐dye patterns on special paper shapes. Then tie up and dye canvas backpacks for a memory making experience. Ages 5‐12


Vibrant “Marker” Tie Dye Ts

Another “to die for...” tie dye art project. Learn how to create patterns while making warm‐up tie dye art forms. Then on to the main event. You won’t believe the brilliance of the colors after tie dyeing with Sharpie Markers and applying an unconventional art technique. WOW! Ages 5-12 and older 


Terrific T‐shirts

Learn the art of fabric design while printing, painting or stenciling T‐shirts. Then decorate them with all kinds of bling! Ages 5‐12 and older


Wear Your Art on Your Heart

Create your own colorful masterpiece using some wicked cool and surprising materials, then magically transfer your work of art onto your own T‐shirts. You’ll be wearing your art on your heart! Ages 5-12 and older  




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