Three Hour Single Session Art-ventures


Perfect for after school art class, early release day program, during school vacations, summer camps, special assemblies, end of year events and more!


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All Art Projects are appropriate for ages 5-12. Some Art Projects (marked *All Ages) are also suitable for teens and adults. 



Alien Art-vasion 

Young art-stronauts shoot for the stars in this outer space art-venture program! Sculpt wacky aliens with Model Magic clay, and build UFOs for them to fly around in. Learn about symmetry while creating alien drawings based on the letters of your name. Then get a little messy concocting glittery galaxy play dough! 


All Aboard! Amazing Art from Around the Globe*

Journey across the world in this excellent multi-cultural art-venture! First, travel to Mexico and paint gorgeous Wooden Animal Puzzles in the style of Oaxacan Alebrijes (brightly patterned wood animal sculptures). Then head off to Australia to sculpt Clay Aboriginal Masks using a very cool technique inspired by Aboriginal dot art. Finally, land in Africa, where you’ll create Elephant Drawings in Watercolor Landscapes. All you need to pack is your imagination! *All Ages



Colorful Creatures Come Alive*

Create a menagerie of animal-inspired masterpieces while borrowing techniques from some of history’s greatest artists. Try out M.C. Escher’s mind-bending art style while designing Animal Tessellation T-shirts. Make Native American Clay Story Necklaces by sculpting a variety of animal-shaped beads. Finally, craft colorful Chalk Pastel Rooster Drawings inspired by Picasso’s wacky work of art, “La Coq.” *All Ages



Cupcakes and Pizza Party Art-ventures

Get ready to whip up some artsy treats that look almost yummy enough to eat! Paint colorful ceramic cupcake banks and sculpt clay pizzas with all your favorite toppings! Plus, design and decorate chef hats to wear in your own crafty kitchen!





Electric Zebras and Neon Tote Bags*
Get ready for electrifying art-ventures! Explore pattern and color while painting bright, exciting zebras on canvases! Create totally wild neon geometric designs on tote bags using a special resist technique. Then make rainbow mandalas with a variety of vibrant embellishments! *All Ages






Fluffy Snowmen and Artsy Icicles

In this awesome art-venture, children will go walkin' in a winter wonderland. Make snowman collages using shaving cream, sculpt glittery clay icicles, paint wooden boxes with a wintery theme, and draw snowy trees with oil pastels and splatter paint. Get ready for some super, seasonal fun!






Fun Times with Famous Artists 

Design wacky costumes inspired by Picasso's portraits, paint fabric wall hangings, create Kandinsky-esque geometrical masterpieces and draw beautiful oil pastel cats like Laura Burch. Create really fun 2 and 3‐D works of art inspired by the masters.






It's Raining, It's Pouring

But nobody’s snoring in this exciting springtime art‐venture! Decorate real umbrellas with colorful, waterproof inks, sculpt birds out of neon clay and create cool umbrella collages with decorative papers. Rain or shine, everyone will have a blast!




Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Art About Me

In this amazing autobiographical art-venture, discover different ways to tell the story of YOU through art. Use clay to sculpt some of your favorite things (soccer balls, guitars, books, etc.) and then stack them up to build your own “All About Me” Totem Poles. Create colorful metal-embossed artwork inspired by Mexican Hojalata Mirrors. Finally, imagine yourself as a cowboy or cowgirl and draw your own Wanted Poster Self-Portrait.




My Animal Me and the Clay Safari

Creating with clay! According to pre‐Columbian legend, each person shares a common destiny with an animal—called a “Tona”— that matches his or her personality. (Think bird for someone who likes to sing or cheetah for someone who is a fast runner.) During this workshop, sculpt awesome “Tona” masks out of clay, then bring them to life with paint, feathers, and more! Plus, design and decorate ceramic dinosaur banks, and create detailed drawings of brightly colored owls.




Out of This World: Outer Space Art-ventures

Paint rocket ship picture frames, design and decorate telescope toys, and create alien oil pastel drawings inspired by the book “Aliens Love Underpants.”




Puppies, Bunnies, and Kittens, Oh My! Art-ventures


Art projects inspired by everyone's favorite cute and cuddly creatures. Paint ceramic puppy banks, draw adorable bunnies, plus build and decorate kooky, colorful kittens.


Rainforest Tigers, Turtles, and Snakes

Learn some fun facts about turtles that live in the rainforest while painting and decorating ceramic turtle banks. Then sculpt clay pots in the shape of snakes using the coil technique. Plus create beautiful jungle tiger stained glass and learn how to draw colorful and whimsical toucans. You might as well be right there in the rainforest.




Robots Eat Ice Cream

Paint ceramic robot banks with shiny metallic colors. Then learn about textures and printmaking by using a surprising array of everyday objects to create colorful ice cream collages. Finally, design robots using miscellaneous metal hardware. Cool!



Shrinky Dinks and Sandpaper T-shirts*
Art-venturers design and imprint their very own T-shirts by creating animal “molas,” the colorful multi-layered textile designs of Panama. Then design shrinky dink sun catchers inspired by Native American folk art tradition. Finally, decoupage and decorate paper mache skulls in the style of Mexican “calaveras,” using colorful papers and tons of bling! *All Ages



Sparkly Snowflakes and Magic Mittens

'Tis the season to be jolly -- and also the season to create amazing art! Paint family snowman portraits on stretched canvas, create sparkling beaded snowflakes, sculpt clay snowmen, and design colorful scratch art mittens. Enjoy some wonderful winter fun while keeping cozy and warm!





Superhero Art Blast Off!

Superhero girls and boys soar off on a top-secret mission to save planet Earth using the most important superpower of all: imagination! Create your own bean mosaic superhero masks to protect your secret identities, then blast off in super-duper spaceships built out of recycled materials. Plus, draw self-portraits of your heroic alter egos. Exciting and environmentally-conscious masterpieces.






Watercolor Places and Pencil Cases

Design vibrant Painted Pencil Cases using a special resist technique and learn about one-point perspective while creating Watercolor Landscape Paintings. Plus, learn about symmetry while building a gorgeous Macaroni Mandala out of colorful pasta!





Wicked Wild and Wonderful Art

In this totally unique art-venture, use oil pastels to draw hilarious self-portraits while imagining yourselves as Minions (from the movie Minions). Create colorful clay tiles with terrific texture using some unexpected tools: seashells and pasta. Finally, explore the art of decoupage while designing and decorating large paper mache item. 


Zany Zoo Animal Art-ventures

This all new art-rageous program is truly like a trip to the zoo. Color Ceramic Bunny Banks with special paint markers and design wacky Stained Glass Animals with wiggly eyes! Plus create Animal Clip Bookmarks using watercolor paints and draw some Surprisingly Ferocious Fish!

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