Summer Art Programs in  Western MA and Northern CT

“My daughter attended your art camp this week at Wells Road School in Granby, CT. the classes are amazing and she is having such a great experience. I am blown away at the art she is bringing home and her excitement every morning for class. Haley has even started an art display in our living room to showcase all her work. I can’t believe how much she comes home with every day. You have a great gift.”  - Mary Thibault, Granby, CT.


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ART-ventures for Kids provides affordable full and half-day programs, Monday through Friday, overflowing with unique summer art fun. These art-filled weeks are designed around a single exciting theme, such as "the rainforest" or "under the sea", "art inspired by the masters" or "art made from a mess". We help children think creatively about art and the amazing role it plays in our wonderful world. We believe the best way for children to develop creative thinking skills is to discover and experience as many art forms, materials and techniques as they possibly can. Our art camps guide children through a world of artistic wonder, where we encourage their brilliant imaginations and help them develop their own unique understanding and interpretation of art.


All Summer Art-venture Weeks include:

  • 5 days, for 3 hours a day of art-rageous fun! (In a few towns we offer a full day of art fun.)
  • All materials and supplies for several awesome works of art each day
  • A project take-home box
  • A t-shirt designing project
  • Lively storytelling


Would you like us to offer a summer art program in your community? Please inquire


Features and Requirements...

  • Summer Art-venture Weeks are 5 days for 3 hours per morning and/or afternoon (Some towns offer a full day option)
  • All materials and supplies are included in the fees
  • Require a minimum of 10 participants
  • Require a room with ample floor space and tables for the group
  • Enough chairs for all explorers at the tables
  • Access to water 
  • Children should wear art-friendly clothes

A limited number of scholarships may be available for our summer programs based on need. For an application, please click below.


ART-ventures Scholarship Application
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To see a list of locations, dates and times and/or register now click here

                                                                      Summer ART-ventures Week Themes

"What a program! The projects were varied and fun! The kids seemed to really like everything and were so locked into each project. The organization behind all of the lessons is mind boggling!" -Grace Epstein, retired Art Teacher, Ethel Walker School, Avon, CT.



Bouncy Bendy Art in Motion

Art-ventures with a totally unique twist! Make masterpieces with real moving parts, create the illusion of movement, and discover art processes that use motion to get amazing results. Combine metal, wood, and paper to build Spinning Sculptures inspired by Calder, and design Stretchy Stained Glass art you can re-shape again and again. Sculpt goofy Clay Monsters, craft Bendy Paper Lizards, and paint Seascapes like Monet. Create Matisse Watercolor Banners, Fireworks Flower Pots, and Textured Tissue Paper art. Design Kaleidoscopes, Dancing Pasta Sculptures, and Scribble T-shirts. Draw zany self-portraits inspired by Silberzweig, and decorate Cupcake Boxes with fluffy frosting and sprinkles. With a focus on color, shape, and MOTION, this program will have you jumping for joy!



Jungle Journey Art-ventures in the Rainforest

(Not to be confused with our Rainforest after school program. Totally different projects.) Art explorers take their inner artists for a walk in the rainforest and discover a variety of endangered creatures who live there. Lizards and poison dart frogs, bugs and butterflies, tigers and monkeys and more. Learn about the layers of the rainforest while experimenting with a variety of art forms. Experience fabric design while tie dyeing bandannas and making rainbow T-shirts. Sculpt animals out of clay, make 3-D paper reptiles, and create rainforest flowers. Decorate beach balls, draw tigers with oil pastels, and paint ceramic flower pots that look like boots. Discover stained glass and scratch art too. 

Splish, Splash Art Blast

This inspiring week of art-ventures sparks creativity, engagement, exploration and individual expression. Learn about the fascinating underwater world of seahorses, sea turtles and other wonderful creatures while exploring original art forms and techniques. Design beach hats, sunglasses, and T-shirts. Create ocean slime and discover the art of mosaics while creating sea shell boxes. Sculpt shimmery coral and goofy clay octopuses. Paint ceramic fish banks, and design ocean creature stuffed animals. Experience painting, printmaking, stained glass, ceramics, collage, mosaics, fabric art and working with clay. 



Amazing Faces and Places Art-ventures

Oh, the places we'll go! Art explorers travel to some pretty weird places while creating some wicked cool art forms dating back to when art began. Discover weird gargoyle faces and visit the amazing castles of Scotland. Experience cave painting and fossil making. Make worry dolls and totem poles. Learn about Oaxacan alebrijes while designing T-shirts. Sculpt and paint colorful Mexican pots, make bark paintings and create Haitian sequined banners. This is our most creative and original art-venture week!





Ooopsy Goopsy Messy Art Fun

Messy art is so much fun! And the works of art that come from making a mess are quite amazing! Think splatter, balloon, and blow painting. Make slime and flubber and silly putty. Create with shaving cream and glue. Oh, what a mess we make! Design ceramic doggy banks and create shrinky dink sculptures. Learn how to make your own clay, and then sculpt super cool masks. Decorate wacky, wild cars for an art car parade. Discover marbleizing and glitter painting, design batik T-shirts, and experience collage and fabric arts. Creative spirits are set free! (Artists must dress for a mess!)






Art-ventures with Pigasso and Mootisse  

Art explorers learn about real artists, their vision of the world and the materials and techniques they use or used.  Think about famous artists like Picasso, Matisse,  van Gogh, Modigliani, Homer and more. Included are fun and funky 3-D projects using unconventional and sometimes kooky, artist’s techniques and materials. During this art-packed week create vibrant tie dyed t-shirts, decoupage large paper mache stars, design leather wristbands and celestial stained glass, and experiment with emotion collages, mosaic art and so much more. 



Treasure Island and the Magical Kingdom Art-ventures 

Pirate and Princess art-venturers sail the high seas and discover enchanted kingdoms while creating fantastical masterpieces. Get into character, donning handcrafted pirate hooks and sparkling princess hats. Make your own fireworks t-shirts and pirate flags. Draw magical kingdoms, paint watercolor pirate ships, and build super cool castles. Sculpt clay cupcakes that look yummy enough to eat and clay frog pots—perhaps they'll turn into princes! Draw treasure maps, design ceramic dragons, and create mosaic star boxes to hide your pirate treasure! Pirates and Princesses explore clay art, painting, beading, stained glass, fabric art, and more. Humorous storytelling is included. All in all, a fun and fantasy-filled week of creative art activities that kids will love to do! For any age between 5-10.  




Grr, Buzz, Hiss, Roar… Art-ventures

Animal lovers and art explorers, take a walk on the wild side. Visit the jungle, go on safari and even travel back in time to the Dinosaurs. Discover where your creativity will take you while creating 2 and 3-dimensional butterflies, birds, snakes, frogs and lizards, lions and countless other kooky creatures!  Paint 3-D wooden dinosaur puzzles, build giraffe pencil holders, and create super cool boxes disguised as elephants. Plus, design your very own animal t-shirt using a totally unique “hands-on” technique, and so much more! Campers use an amazing variety of art materials, textures and techniques while experimenting with clay and paints, ceramic and fabric art, wood, oil pastels, stenciling, collage, watercolor, decoupage and more. These cool and playful art-ventures include fun facts about the animals, storytelling, and always humor.  



Fairies and Dragons Art-ventures

Enter the fantasy world of imagination where fairies fly and unicorns roam. Art-venturers unleash their inner elves as they conjure up fire-breathing dragons, transform colorful clay into silly goblin masks, and create winged fairies or armored knight dolls. Sculpt bedazzling unicorns with rainbow manes, design witch or wizard figurines, and build wooden fairy houses with real shells, stones, moss and more. Paint ceramic unicorn banks and create your own dragon or mermaid t-shirts! With the aid of some very magical potions and spells (i.e. materials and techniques), campers experience painting, drawing, stained glass, ceramic, fabric, and clay art. Enjoy an enchanted week of two and three dimensional works of art! Fairies and Dragons  storytelling is included, as well as surprises and humor. Fun, fantasy- filled art-ventures!


"The program was GREAT and it looks like all of the kids had a great time.  A lot of fun projects went home with the kids as well." -Amy Ferrari, Director of Continuing Education, Farmington, CT   

To see a list of locations, dates and times and/or register now click here

Towns in which we currently offer programs are…

In Massachusetts: Chicopee, Easthampton, Hadley, Longmeadow, Northampton, South Hadley, Southampton and Wilbraham.

In Connecticut: Bolton, Canton, Coventry, Cromwell, East Granby, East Windsor, Ellington, Glastonbury, Granby, Manchester, Marlborough, Newington, Plainville, Simsbury,  South Windsor, Suffield, Tolland, Wethersfield, West Hartford and Winsted.


Other locations may be added periodically! No program in your area? Contact us at or your local parks and recreation to see how we might get one started. 





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