Art Party and Storytime Art Party Choices

Art Car Parade - have a contest for the kookiest car. Paint and decorate with art-rageous things.


Baseball Cap Creations - color and decorate with huge assortment of fun decorations.


Bodacious Birdhouses - paint and decorate with buttons, feathers and more.

 *available as Storytime Art


Colorful Clay Pots - sculpt pinch pots, paint and decorate with beads.


Day of the Dead Skulls* - decoupage and decorate paper mache skulls.


Superhero Cape Party-  design superhero capes and masks!

Canvas Painting Parties - paint on 12x12" stretched canvas. A real Arty Party!  Learn more...


Ceramic Celebration  - similar to pottery, but less expensive and no need for firing. Paint, decorate and take home the same day. Bear, Cow, Cupcake, Dino, Dog, Elephant, Fish, Hippo, Pig, Robot, Skull, Superhero, Train, Turtle. 


Clay Cupcakesexplore color mixing and the coil technique while creating colorful cupcake sculptures.  Everyone will have a craving for cupcakes after this party.

Canvas Bag Collages*- design and decorate canvas totes using fabric paints, stencils, ribbons, sequins, buttons, glitter, gemstones and more.


Carnival Mask Making - for a carnival party! Paint  and decorate paper maché masks with sequins, feathers, glitter, gems and more. The most fun is wearing them!


Color Me Critters - 
experience the fun of fabric art. Color and decorate stuffed canvas dogs, bears or an assortment including fish, pigs, dogs and elephants.

*available as Storytime Art


Tona Animal Masks - according to pre-Columbian legend, each person shares a common destiny with an animal that matches his or her personality. The animal is called the person's "Tona". Create "Tona" animal characters out of clay.

*available as Storytime Art


Fairy House Party*- 
 create and decorate fairy houses using lots of cool shells, pebbles, moss and other woodsy materials. Waiting for the fairies to come is the best part.

*available as Storytime Art

Fireworks T-shirts* - our most popular party! Create an explosion of color, looking like fireworks, using some very unique and surprising materials. "WOW"!

*available as Storytime Art

Awesome Airplanes - paint and decorate wooden airplanes that fly and decorate take home bags as "hangers" for the planes. 

*available as Storytime Art



Flower Power or Lollipop Totes*-

another "WOW" fabric design party. Create the most colorful flower or lollipop covered totes ever.

Mosaic Art Frames* -  fun and easy. Create beautiful frames by simply coloring the surface of a wooden frame and gluing on colorful tiles and gems.



Piggy Party - piggy lovers color and decorate shiny porcelain piggy banks using colorful permanent inks. What do we use piggy banks for? Why, saving for books, of course! 

*available as Storytime Art



Mosaic Art Boxes* -  fun and easy. Create beautiful keepsake boxes by simply coloring the surface of 4" round, square or oval paper mache boxes and gluing down colorful tiles and gems. 


Rock Star Guitar - paint and decorate with ribbons, sequins and gems then Rock Out!

*available as Storytime Art



Rainsticks for a Rain Dance - create cool-sounding instruments. Centuries ago, tribesmen would harvest dead cactus branches, fill them with pebbles and cap the ends then ask the gods to send rain.


Tie Dye Fashions* -
to die for... it's so fun to tie-up your own unique creation using a unique process resulting in brilliant colors and not as messy.  T-shirts, backpacks or bucket hats.


Clay Time* - everyone loves clay and everyone loves this party. Learn the clay coil technique and all about color mixing while creating miniature clay coil baskets. Then paint a ceramic trinket box.


Princess or Fairy Party 

- decorate dress-up wings, tiaras and magic wands, then wear the magical creations and feel like princesses  or fairies. Add Face Painting for a perfect party.

*available as Storytime Art: Flutter and Fly


Unbelievable Umbrellas - creating at it's best, rain or shine. Design awesome umbrellas using waterproof fabric markers and paints.

*available as Storytime Art



Wear Your Art on Your Heart* - create works of art and transfer them onto

 T-shirts. Each creation is as unique as each individual artist. Another WOW factor party!



Wood You Paint Me?*

 - paint wooden boxes and add tiles, buttons, gems, bugs, snakes or glitter. Perfect keepsake box for all your special things.

*available as Storytime Art


Racing Race Cars - paint and decorate with art-rageous decorations!

*Storytime Art Party



Cupcake Celebration - Paint and decorate ceramic cupcake banks with lots of yummy colors.

*Storytime Art Party


Puppy Party - decorate dog house take home bags, then color and decorate 9" stuffed dogs with collars and leashes, A bow WOW party with 3 story choices.

*Storytime Art party


Choo Choo Party - paint and decorate whimsical wooden boxes built like  toy trains. Special keepsakes from a wonderful day.

*Storytime Art Party



Fishes and Wishes - paint and decorate ceramic fish banks

*Storytime Art Party



Flutter and Fly - create magic wands, then transform into princesses, butterflies, or fairies while decorating colorful dress‐up wings to wear

*Storytime Art Party


Hoppin Happy Frog - paint and decorate wooden frog noteholders and hop home with lasting happy memories.

*Storytime Art Party



Wonderful Wooden Letters*

Paint 12" wood letters. Add buttons, ribbons, and bows, or use camouflage paints, bugs and lizards.

*available as a Storytime Art  Party



Rockin Robot - color and decorate ceramic robot banks with vibrant colored inks.

*Storytime Art Party


Mask Magic - sculpt  clay masks then paint and decorate them.

*Storytime Art Party



Teddy Bear Picnic 1 - 

color and decorate 8” canvas stuffed teddy bears.

*Storytime Art Party


Teddy Bear Picnic 2 - 

paint and decorate ceramic teddy bear banks.

*Storytime Art Party



X Marks the Spot - design treasure chests, encrusted with brightly colored gems and set out to search for hidden gold.

*Storytime Art Party



Mischievous Monster Reliefs - sculpt monster faces out of colorful clay. Add horns, fangs, extra eyes—the wilder the better!

*Storytime Art Party


What are the stories for Storytime Art Parties? Learn more...


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All Art Party projects are appropriate for ages 5-12, some for age 4 as well


*indicates parties appropriate for ages 5-12 and older!



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