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Age appropriate for ages 5-12 unless noted.


Art-rageous Aliens Attack

Young art-stronauts shoot for the stars in this outer space art-venture program! Sculpt wacky aliens with Model Magic clay, and build UFOs for them to fly around in. Learn about symmetry while creating alien drawings based on the letters of your name. Then create wacky, Picasso-inspired alien collages.


Blast Off! Superhero Jetpacks and More

Make wearable jetpacks and superhero self‐portraits


Carnival Art Party

Get ready for a wonderful, whimsical art carnival! Paint and decorate colorful masquerade masks, make metallic necklaces, and create ornate designs on wood boxes using Mardi Gras beads. Let the festivities begin!


Castles and Skyscrapers

Skyscraper and castle builders experience the art of building and design in this fun and creative art‐venture. Decorate hard hats to wear and create wicked cool skyscrapers or castles. Using magic nuudles design a something futuristic or build a town. See examples of some extraordinary structures from all over the world and gain an understanding of lines, and patterns in all types of buildings.


Claying Around: By Land or By Sea

Art explorers discover the wonders of clay while creating their very own works of art. Discoveries may include color mixing, pastel colors, shapes and life under-the-sea while "painting" ocean scenes with modeling magic clay. Then create mini 3‐dimensional cityscapes out of a different kind of colorful clay. If time allows, artists will learn how to draw a desert landscape and feel like they could walk right into it!


Clay Play and More


Play with clay while learning how to make little pinch pots. Then discover the "coil technique" while making pots, pencil holders or baskets out of clay. Paint ceramic trinket boxes and explore the art of mosaics while creating clay tiles.  


Cool T‐shirts and Magical Sharpie Banners

Learn the art of fabric design while printing, painting or stenciling your own special T‐shirt. Then decorate it with all kinds of bling! Move on to designing colorful sharpie banners for your room with magical effects and “WOW” results.


Down by the Sea

Throw on your scuba gear and get ready for an underwater art-venture! Swim with Nemo and Dory while painting colorful wooden fish. Then relax with the reptiles while sculpting clay turtles using the coil technique. Enjoy all the fun down by the sea!


Electric Zebras and Neon T-shirts*

Get ready for electrifying art-ventures! Start with a canvas painting  party! Explore pattern and color while painting bright, exciting zebras on canvas! Next, create vibrant shapes and geometric designs on t-shirts using a special resist technique. Then, transform the letters of the alphabet into awesome abstract drawings. *Ages 5-12 and older


Exploding Color Bubbles T-shirts*
Think WOW! Design T-shirts with exploding bubbles of vibrant colors, learn about the art of color diffusion while making color-filled butterflies and have a blast creating rainbow mandala collages using a stellar array of feathers, buttons, gems, pompons, and, too many to mention, wicked cool decorations! What is a mandala? Come and you'll find out! *Ages 5-12 and older


Famous Artist’s Fun Art

Design wacky costumes inspired by Picasso's portraits, paint Kandinsky-esque geometrical masterpieces and draw beautiful oil pastel cats like Laura Burch. Create really fun 2 and 3‐D works of art inspired by the masters.


Fireworks and Cupcakes*

How good can it get? Experience fabric design while creating colorful “Fireworks” T‐shirts (you’ll be wearing these on the 4th of July!) and then create and decorate your own cool cupcakes (not the kind you can eat. LOL). If time, draw colorful cupcakes with oil pastels. You can’t miss this one! *Ages 5-12 and older


Gooey Balouey

Amazing what a little goo and glue will do! Learn the art of marble painting while designing tambourines. Marble paint with shaving cream and have some fiber fusion confusion while creating beautifully textured fabrics, (which can be used for book covers, covering boxes and more). Truly unique and unusual art‐ventures.


Jumpin’ Jellyfish Art-ventures

In this underwater art-venture, art explorers experiment with some very weird materials and textures. Have a blast building shimmering jellyfish sculptures. Discover a unique technique to create dripping  watercolor jellyfish paintings. Then color beautiful stained glass ocean scenes, perfect to hang in a window. As a final art activity, experience the magical art of diffusion using baby wipes, bright colors and sea animal shapes!


Print and Tint and More

Discover the art of print making using real fabric screen printing inks. Create your own “Collagraph” printing stamps and use them to create a printed canvas tote. Then, experience the art of “Gyotaku Fish Printing”, using life‐like fish forms to design under‐the‐sea artist aprons. Perfect for taking to the beach!


Rain Sticks and Jazzy Jungle Cats

Create these cool‐sounding instruments, which originated centuries ago in Chile. South American tribesmen would harvest dead branches from cactus plants, fill them with small pebbles and cap the ends. They would ask the gods to send rain by tilting the branch, causing the trickle sound of falling rain. Then after a rain dance create a bit of mystery while hiding whimsical lions amongst overlapping jungle leaves. Each cat quickly takes on a personality of it’s own (cats wearing socks with different colored toes or cats with big smiles.)


Rainforest, Ribbit....

Frogs in the rainforest come alive! Learn about red-eyed tree frogs, poison dart frogs and the patterns of the rainforest while sculpting with clay, drawing and painting. Create fanciful froggy pots, design delightful light switch covers for your rooms and paint rainforest patterned masterpieces. Ribbit...Ribbit...Ribbit! Fun and laughter as usual!


Rainforest Tigers, Turtles and Toucans

Learn some fun facts about turtles that live in the rainforest while painting and decorating ceramic turtle banks. Then create beautiful tigers in the jungle stained glass art forms and learn how to draw colorful and whimsical toucans. You might as well be right there in the rainforest.


Socks and Sneakers

All you rock stars come Sock n' Sole with Art-ventures for Kids! Using vibrant fabric markers create “tie dye” socks and make some sneaker “sole” pendants out of clay. Finally, design some shoes and sneakers while sculpting with colorful model magic. Wicked cool and totally fun!


Splishing and Splashing 

While using some very weird materials and textures, have a total extreme blast building jellyfish sculptures. Create octopus and seahorse collages to hang in your rooms. Then design and print ocean commotion T‐shirts! They're art‐rageous!


Sugar Skulls and Sandpaper T-shirt Art-ventures*

Art-venturers design and imprint their very own T-shirts by creating Molas, the colorful multi-layered textile designs inspired by the Kuna people of Panama. Typical designs include birds, turtles, lizards, butterflies and even giraffes.  Then create 3-dimensional Sugar Skulls by decorating paper mache skulls in the Mexican style of Dia De Los Muertos or “day of the dead” using colorful papers and tons of bling! *Ages 5-12 and older


Sunset Cities and Airplane Art-ventures

Create cityscape relief prints and paint wood airplanes


Superhero Spaceships and Secret Identities Art-ventures

Superhero girls and boys soar off on a top-secret mission to save planet Earth using the most important superpower of all: imagination! We’ll create our own bean mosaic superhero masks to protect our secret identities, then blast off in super-duper spaceships built out of recycled materials. As members of the League of Super Art Heroes, children learn how to save the Earth with exciting and environmentally-conscious masterpieces.


Totally Awesome Animal Art

Create ferocious tiger boxes with clay, design colorful animal hand puppets, and draw dressed‐up dogs.


Totally Terrific Teddy Bear Picnic

Paint and decorate 3‐dimensional fabric bears and ceramic Teddy Bear banks, then create a cool bear drawing. Fun facts included!


Wild West Art‐ventures

Adventurers visit the Wild West. Learn about the Indian tribes of the Great Plains while building Teepees. Create Story Necklaces made from clay while explore the history of daily life and the use of native materials for decoration and storytelling.


Winter Wonderland 1 - Icicles and Cardinals

Art explorers learn techniques and discover artist’s materials while creating art forms related to the theme of “Winter Wonderland”. Sculpt icicles, design a winter wooden box for treasures and create a winter cardinal work of art.


Winter Wonderland 2 - Snowmen and Snow Bears

Another winter fun art‐packed two hours: Create family snowman portraits on stretched canvases, sculpt snowmen out of model magic and draw snow bears in the snow.


Winter Wonderland 3 - Yay, It's a Snow Day

The third winter wonderland art‐venture: Make snowmen collages using shaving cream, draw winter trees with oil pastels and splatter paint, create sparkling beaded snowflakes and design scratch art mittens.





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